James & Mike had played music together on many occasions throughout the years. When God brought them back together in 2003, he lead them into the prisons. They tried to play the traditional church music, the way everyone else did, but it kept coming out a little on the “Bluesy” side. They fought it at first, but finally decided to just let God be God. They began to let the music He put in them come out the way He put it in them, and thus was born “Subject 2 Change”. A few years later, they met Mark & Johnny who became intricate parts of the sound you hear today. The group has had many different influences in their music, and the way each one of the members plays. However, the main influence has been the freedom they found when they let go and let God flow.

  “Your circumstances are subject to change, suddenly. especially when you start standing up on the inside and being who God made you to be. When you face adversity, don’t be a complainer. Don’t be a cry baby. Don’t wallow in self pity. Instead, take your position in the body of Christ. Take on the attitude of victory, rather than defeat.”

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